Star Wars CIV

Lucasfilm Ltd. and GenCon LLC, turned to Schwartzman & Associates to raise awareness and ticket sales for Star Wars Celebration IV, a five day event taking up the entire Los Angeles Convention Center around over the 2007 Memorial Day weekend to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the iconic Star Warssaga. The result was 1,763 television segments and 1,422 articles in 5 days supporting a wildly successful event.

With a few years since the last movie and still at least a year away from any upcoming Star Wars television properties, the goal of the event was to keep the Star Wars brand top-of-mind with hardcore genre fans and also with families whose generations span the 30-yearStar Wars history. 

Success was defined by the client as attracting at least the same number of attendees as the prior Celebration. Star Wars Celebration III took place in Indianapolis in 2005 to coincide with the opening of the final Star Wars film,Episode III: The Revenge of the Sith, and attracted 30,000 attendees. 

Schwartzman & Associates hit the ground running securing advanced stories in the travel media, from regional publications like Alaska Airlines in-flight magazine and WestWays, the magazine for members of the Automobile Association of America in California. These hits combined with stories in newspapers like the Arizona Republic and allowed potential attendees from feeder markets outside of Southern California to learn about and plan their trips to Los Angeles for the event. 

Without the benefit of a celebrity spokesperson for the event, family-focused radio stations in Southern California were targeted next for interviews with the event organizers to provide sneak peaks at the details of the upcoming festivities, focusing on family fun components of Star Wars Celebration IV.

Schwartzman & Associates kept a steady stream of news and event updates flowing to the media and garnered over 400 requests for press credentials. This resulted in constant buzz online and in the media during the final weeks leading up to the event. 


When the first ever screening of the entire Star Wars saga end-to-end in the United States was planned at the Los Angeles Convention Center for the day before Star Wars Celebration IV was to begin, Schwartzman & Associates pounced on the opportunity to saturate the local media with live shots and interviews with thousands of fans lining up to see the films and sharing their excitement. 

The first day of the event, open only to official fan club members, provided a solid opportunity to attract and escort dozens of camera crews while they gathered interviews and footage of Star Wars Celebration IV’s endless lineup of events, attractions, exhibits and activities.

.By the end of the first day, news stories had run on practically all local news channels and had began to migrate up to the national and international level.
Star Wars Celebration IV had become a lead story on Yahoo’s home page and started making the rounds on cable news networks like CNN and Fox News as well.
By the second day of the event, the media blitz has created a frenzy in Los Angeles. Lines to get into Star Wars Celebration IV were around the building before the doors even opened.
Local and national media outlets, which had already covered the event, returned for a second round. G4 broadcast an extended episode of their popular “Attack of the Show” live from the exhibit floor, while the BBC and NBC fed out live shots from morning until night. The press room was buzzing with last minute updates on media opportunities and an ongoing schedule of press conferences. 

More media stunts, ranging from a costumed character arriving at the convention center via jet pack to the Mayor coming down to declare it Star Wars day, brought in new outlets while attracting some back for a third round and continued to fuel walk-up sales. 

In the end, single-day passes sold out for the entire weekend. Star Wars Celebration IV became so culturally pervasive over those five days that it was mentioned in two separate Conan O’Brien monologues, as well as Craig Furguson’s, along with being a trivia question on CNBC and part of The Weather Channel’s national forecast. 

The final attendee tally was up above 35,000, far exceeding the client’s expectations and solidifying Star Wars Celebration as the event to beat in 2007 and Star Wars as a phenomenon with strong legs even at 30.