Salt Lake Winter Olympics


25.5 Rating and a 42 Share According to Nielsen 

The Highest Rated Olympic Opening Ceremony of All Time 

Single Biggest Emmy Winner in 2002 

Based on audited circulation figures, Schwartzman PR helped the Salt Lake Olympics opening ceremony secure 70,447,297 U.S. print news media impressions, as well as: 

100 Wire Stories 
18 - Agence France-Presse 
12 - AP Online 
42 - Associated Press Newswires 
1 - BPI Entertainment News Wire 
12 - Canada Press 
4 - Dow Jones International 
1 - KRTBN Knight-Ridder 
21 - Reuters 

Online Media Relations 

Themed Google Logos on the popular search engine throughout the duration of the games. 

What the critics said... 

"A dramatic extravaganza that celebrated the courage, strength and spirit that is the Olympics..." Pauline Arrillaga, Associated Press 

"A stunningly beautiful pageant..." Tom Shales, Washington Post 

"An emotional ceremony...that delicately touched on American Patriotism and the international hope for unity..." Michael Janosky, The New York Times
    Special thanks and appreciation to the talented artists and performers, producers, choreographers, technical personnel and media executives, particularly Kenny OrtegaDon MischerMcDonald Selznick Associates, Sarah Kawahara, Jeremy Rialton, Michael Curry, Nancy Volmer, Gillian Hamburger, Todd Warshaw, Murray Weissman, the technical directors, behind-the-scenes staff and to those omitted but not forgotten who contributed to thsi incredible success story. This page recognizes your outstanding achievement.
May 2002
DGA Magazine - DGA Team at the Salt Lake 2002 Olympics
Not only did the Salt Lake City Winter Olympic Games serve as a group-healing for the United States in the aftermath of Sept. 11, but it offered some of the most visually stunning Opening and Closing Ceremonies ever broadcast...