Ecast Inc.


Ecast Inc. owns and operates what Schwartzman & Associates termed a “Location-Based Broadband Network™” that combines a proprietary digital media software platform, a national broadband network and pay-per-use entertainment devices including thousands of ad-serving, digital jukeboxes and games consoles across the United States. The platform enables the secure delivery, management and accurate administration of digital rights usage, allowing artists, record labels and electronic game publishers a profitable solution for selling music performances and game plays in-venue. 


Ecast is a venture backed start-up in an increasingly competitive market, delivering digital entertainment to consumer out-of-home. As a growing company seeking to increase its footprint and raise additional venture capital, Ecast's company profile in business, technology, music industry and online press required significant elevation. 

Ecast sought to ride the waves of media attention focused on the rise of legal digital music services such as iTunes, MSN Music and others. The company knew that it needed to leverage its unique broadband network to establish itself as a distinctive and innovative player in the digital music world in order to get the attention of the venture capitalist/angel investor community. 


Ecast enlisted the support of Schwartzman & Associates to develop and execute a strategic and forward-thinking public relations plan. The agency focused on raising Ecast's public profile through a combination of media relations campaigns with top-tier business and technology press, high profile and effective product launch support through special events and trade show appearances, and a robust online media center that would serve as both an information hub for editors and journalists, as well as a tool for market researchers. 


In addition to garnering dozens of media placements in key print and electronic news outlets, it was through a radio interview secured by Schwartzman & Associates on CBS, “The Digital Hour with George Brown,” [Windows Media File] that a member of Ecast's Board of Directors -- who had been reconsidering a multi-million dollar initial investment -- changed her mind and committed to Ecast after hearing Ecast's vice president of marketing interviewed live on the program. 

Media Coverage

Advertising Age, 5/9/05 
Online Marketers on Rebound Party like it’s 1995 
“.two of the most poplar booths were a music download company and a podcasting area that are both run by a company called Ecast.” 
Boston Globe [PDF], 1/3/05 
Beyond the iPod: Digital Influence on Music Extends to New Areas; Jukebox is Reborn for the Digital Age 
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“The Long Tail” Recognizing Ecast’s CEO as the genesis of the legend of the long tail 
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The New Jukebox 
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Paying for Music on Demand: Jukeboxes with High-Speed Internet Connections Provide More Options 
“.the Ecast effect on jukeboxes is a window on the music industries transformation in the online age.”