CF Entertainment



CF Entertainment (CFE) produces, distributes and sells advertising time for seven television programs, making it the largest independent producer/distributor of first-run, syndicated programming in the U.S. 

Byron Allen, CFE’s chairman and chief executive officer knew it, his three vice presidents of sales and marketing knew it, Hollywood insiders were discovering it, but broadcasters, the networks, the studios and Madison Avenue needed to know too.


It is true Allen started from humble beginnings. He woke through a four-chair dinette set in his condominium working the phones from dawn to dusk until he convinced broadcasters in more than 90 percent of all the major television markets to carry his flagship one-hour, weekly “Entertainers with Byron Allen,” an interview-style television show featuring actors discussing their current motion picture releases. 
Since then, “Entertainers with Byron Allen” is now in year nine and has celebrated more than 200 episodes, earning its place among television’s few perennial shows. CFE also produces and syndicates “The American Athlete,” a half-hour program now in year six featuring three professional superstar athletes each week and “Kickin' It with Byron Allen,” a one-hour weekly television show in year five with present-day guests from the world of comedy, television, fashion and music. 


In 1999, Schwartzman PR was retained to promote CF Entertainment and to launch two new first-run syndicated television programs to broadcasters and viewers nationwide. 

Currently, these programs, “Global Business People,” a half-hour weekly spotlighting today’s business leaders and “Every Woman,” a half-hour weekly motivational femme profiler, are both in year four and their station line-ups and time slots are improving monthly. 

On a regular basis, Schwartzman & Associates discloses material information about CFE to the media, effectively managing all of the client’s external communications needs. As a result, Byron Allen and CFE are in the consumer and trade media regularly as well. 

Schwartzman & Associates has had a dedicated, client–agency relationship with CFE for many years. Over time the client’s strategic messaging points have appeared monthly in key media outlets. By coupling CFE’s knowledge of the broadcasting and cable industry with Schwartzman & Associates media relation’s expertise, the agency has raised national attention for all of CFE’s television programs.

Any good public relations counselor should be able to determine what is most newsworthy about your business. But the discovery is a process, which requires ongoing commitment from the client. Schwartzman & Associates articulates CFE’s business with such precision and authority that the agency can respond to complex questions from top news media organizations on the client’s behalf. This is one of the results of our long-term relationship.


It is the agency’s responsibility to inform the trade of CFE’s position as an independent television production, syndication and advertising sales powerhouse, with the largest weekly inventory of first-run, off-network programming in the country. Using Nielsen and the syndicated station line-ups as guides, Schwartzman & Associates releases updates on national broadcast clearance levels, rating success stories, advertiser pacts, new hires, new program launches and any other information that CFE discloses publicly. Schwartzman & Associates extends this program to include Tribune Media Services and TV Data Corp. ensuring that show times and listings in published television guides are accurate and up-to-date. 

To support, CFE’s consumer marketing program, Schwartzman & Associates applies database marketing. The agency created several media contact databases for the client’s television shows. Since each show has its own syndicated line-up of stations, Schwartzman & Associates built databases to support each different title, mapping media by designated television markets. Using the market as a guide, Schwartzman & Associates matched media contacts by markets, allowing the client to distribute the correct station, day and time information for a portfolio of syndicated television shows. 

Winning the attention of select trade and consumer print outlets requires ongoing, one-on-one media relations with the media’s top syndicated television writers. Through strategic communications and industry outreach programs targeting key media business journalists, broadcasting and cable opinion makers and print daily and weekly television columnists, Schwartzman & Associates built visibility and credibility by stimulating the right trade news coverage in Variety, The Hollywood Reporter, Broadcasting & Cable, Electronic Media and Media Week and print coverage by Access Hollywood, the Associated Press, Entertainment Weekly, Los Angeles Times, New York Post, The San Francisco Chronicle, Chicano Sun-Times, New York Observer, Salt Lake Tribune and the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, among others. 

As CFE’s agency of record, Schwartzman & Associates is the client’s principal force behind its corporate communications program, formal written disclosure of all material facts to the media and managing all of CFE’s press activities. Schwartzman & Associates serves as an extension of the client’s marketing resources, allowing this television syndicator to gain national recognition. CFE’s story continues to this day to reverberate throughout key print and electronic media channels.