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The public affairs and media relations teams at AARP engaged Eric Schwartzman to extend the reach of their advocacy initiatives with natural search engine optimization.


Through keyword tracking, meta-data comparison, search volume analysis, latent semantic indexing and an analysis of the top five websites returned in Google queries for each recommended keyword, Schwartzman conducted a series of search engine optimization projects including:

  • To support their workplace savings lobbying effort, Schwartzman compared search volume against news index volume to discover relevant keywords and phrases most likely to be found by reporters and constituents outside of Washington, D.C. through news monitoring services.
  • To drive traffic to AARP website, Schwartzman applied the tenets of search engine optimization to reinvigorate a boilerplate press release from the Commerce Department, which had already been released by more than 1000 local broadcasters, about a $40 coupon for analog to digital TV converters.
  • Schwartzman also search engine optimized (SEO) website content about Medicare Part D with adult care givers in mind, rather than retirees, the extend the reach of this advocacy campaign to an important stakeholder group.


By researching and adding specific phrases to congressional testimonies, press releases and website copy, Schwartzman helped one of the nation’s most powerful lobbying organization extend the reach of their advocacy efforts beyond The Beltway bubble, prompting a slew of articles in local newspapers that had previously failed to appreciate the importance of workplace savings on a local level.

By SEOing and removing the URL to the Commerce Dept. website where people could request a free coupon for a digital TV converter box, and directing readers from the press release to a landing page on the AARP website instead for access to the link to the coupon page, AARP increased traffic to their website by more than 600% during the publicity window.

By SEOing web copy and announcements about changes to Medicare Part D for care givers, AARP was able to build awareness with a key stakeholder group -- the children of retired people -- rather than just retired people alone.
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