Baby Celebration LA

Baby Celebration LA turned to Schwartzman & Associates, one of the best PR firms Los Angeles has to offer, to build visibility and credibility for their annual celebration, which brings together the largest collection of boutique, hard-to-find, luxury products and services for babies, toddlers, expectant moms and new parents looking for an alternative to mass merchandise.
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Baby Celebration LA is a new event that is now in its second year. Looking to set itself apart from traditional baby events, Baby Celebration LA sought to establish itself as the high-end luxury happening of choice with unique, inaccessible products and services from boutique suppliers. 

Baby Celebration LA wanted to leverage the media’s interest in how celebrity moms dress their own children. The company knew it had to devise a novel way to set themselves apart from other events and build the widespread awareness among the illusive, super chic Los Angeles parents.

But the event occurs on a weekend, and with no advance press event, there was little chance to secure significant advance news coverage to preview Baby Celebration LA in the mainstream news media. 

Baby Celebration LA enlisted the support of Schwartzman & Associates to develop and execute a strategic public relations program with integrated online PR support. The agency focused on raising the media and public image of the event through a combination of carefully targeted news breaks and an online newsroom to serve as an information hub for editors and journalists. In addition to this, the Los Angeles PR firm encouraged Baby Celebration LA to hold a preview fashion show at Social Hollywood the week before the event, so press could get a first look at the flavor of Baby Celebration LA and have time to prepare pre-coverage stories. 

The preview fashion show, dubbed Sweet Petites and Tiny Treats, was a tremendous success. Through a strategic outreach initiative building up to the show, the Los Angeles PR firm was able to attract influential print and broadcast media including Entertainment Tonight, The Insider, Extra, Telemundo, Univision, Hong Kong News, The Los Angeles Times, The LA Daily News, Angelino Magazine, Star Magazine, InTouch and E! Entertainment News Online. 

To accommodate the 24/4 media calendar, Schwartzman & Associates posted high resolution, captioned photos and b-roll footage to the online press room for journalists to use immediately after the fashion show, enabling journalists to capitalize of the images generated at the event. The Los Angeles PR firm also credentialed media to attend the weekend event, managing an event press room at the Los Angeles Convention Center and accommodating journalists and news crews on site including HDTV, Univision, KLCS,, Orange County Parent, LA Times and Parenting Magazine.
In addition to garnering key media placements in print and electronic news outlets, it was through preview event coverage on the entertainment show The Insider that the high-end branding of Baby Celebration LA became known to a national audience and became LA’s go-to event for high-end luxury baby products and services. 

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