Baby Celebration LA Executive Bios

Baby Celebration LA Executive Bios
April 12-13, 2008
Founding Mommie Duo
Executive Bios
Patrice Meluskey and Penny Domschot, co-producers of Baby Celebration LA, have fashioned the only event of its kind where new and expectant mothers can trendset like a celebrity and find all the hippest, exclusive baby products on the market. 

As mothers, Ms. Meluskey and Ms. Domschot saw a problem with the accessibility of hip and trendy products for babies and tots. Knowing the woes of immobility that can trail expectant moms, this duo decided to solve that problem with a one stop shop for all the latest, coolest, hippest finds for all the baby needs of today’s trendy moms. 

Ms. Meluskey and Ms. Domschot are two stay at home moms who co-own Seascape Productions, a profitable event production company. After creating the San Diego Interior Design & Landscape Expo, a wildly successful event that changed the face of consumer trade shows, they sold it to DMG World Media, an international exhibition and publishing company with revenues of $293 million, and made a name for themselves without sacrificing their stay at home mommie status. 

It all began when this mommie duo met while planning parties and carnivals at their children’s elementary school. Their friendship, combined with a mutual ambition, led to the eventual ignition behind their jointly-owned company. 

After selling their last show, Ms. Meluskey and Ms. Domschot began to notice a missing stitch in the mother and baby industry. While there were all kinds of interesting and chic products that catered to this demographic, it was impossible to access all of them in one place. For expectant moms, driving the distance between shops could be incredibly treacherous, making it impractical and uncomfortable to venture beyond the aisles of a major mass retailer to find a wide variety of merchandise in one location. So out popped Baby Celebration LA: the epidural-like solution to accessing all things hip and baby in one place. 

This do-it-yourself duo has spent the last few years building the Baby Celebration LA brand to ensure that only the most truly unique, innovative products are displayed at their annual two-day event. With clear vision and business savvy, combined with charm and charisma, Ms. Meluskey and Ms. Domschot are building an empire and changing diapers at the same time.

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