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Bulldog Reporter Advanced PR Technology Conference 2007

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9:00 AM Practical tools for increasing traffic to your corporate website using “earned” and paid techniques

What can you do to increase the numbers of journalists, analysts, customers and prospects that visit your site? What are the pitfalls of attracting more traffic and what usability qualities should your site have to fully take advantage of more visitors? Discover state-of-the-art techniques
and strategies for building community and attracting more of the right kinds of visitors.

New York: Mike Moran, IBM; Joshua Shabtai, Ketchum; Bill Barnes, Enquiro
San Francisco: Lee Odden, TopRank Online Marketing; Bill Barnes, Enquiro

10:00 AM Developing a journalist-friendly corporate website and a robust online corporate newsroom

Sadly, most corporate websites fail to meet journalists’ needs and expectations. Find out what journalists say they want, how PR can take the lead in guiding corporate website design and which off-the-shelf solutions are available for implementing robust online press centers.

New York: Ibrey Woodall, TEKgroup International; Laura Saxby Lynch, Paychex; Matthew Anchin, American Express
San Francisco: Ibrey Woodall, TEKgroup, International; Chris Bechtel, iPressroom

11:00 AM Optimizing press releases for search engines (SEO) and using RSS to distribute releases

Search engine optimization is the greatest advance in press releases over the past 20 years, and RSS distribution is close behind. Best of all, the technology continues to improve daily. Make sure every release you issue has all the components—including multimedia—that push your messages to the top of search pages.

New York: Sally Falkow, Expansion Plus; Greg Jarboe, SEO-PR; Laura Sturaitis, Business Wire; Kevin Dill, Marketwire
San Francisco: Sally Falkow, Expansion Plus; Jamie O’Donnell, SEO-PR; Lee Odden, TopRank Online Marketing

NOON Lunch Keynote: How social media is transforming corporate communications

Jupiter Research is at the forefront of monitoring and analyzing the phenomenon and effects of social media. Discover how these innovative sites are transforming the face of media in general, how they are changing social patterns and how marketers and communicators can get ahead of the curve and best use social media to advance their causes.

New York: Emily Riley, Jupiter Research
San Francisco: Barry Parr, Jupiter Research


1:30 PM Best practices in using audio and video material on corporate websites

Online audio and video open up powerful new avenues for communicating with customers, prospects, analysts and the media. Discover how progressive PR departments are employing these broadcast media to capture attention, instruct, inform . . . and sell on the corporate website.

New York: Matthew Smith, News Broadcast Network; Steven Schwartz, The NewsMarket; Don Michels, Medialink
San Francisco: Nicki Dugan, Yahoo!; Jeanette Gibson, Cisco; Chris Bechtel, iPressroom

2:30 PM Monitoring material published in the blogosphere and developing positive relationships with top bloggers

Blogs can make you or break you . . . or they can have absolutely no consequence. But how can you tell the difference? Learn how to keep track of what’s being said about you in the blogosphere, how to respond when you don’t like it, and how to maintain strong, long-term relationships with these influential maverick “journalists.”

New York: Jennifer Cisney, Eastman Kodak; Peter Himler, Flatiron Communications
San Francisco: Christopher Null, Yahoo!; Peter Hirshberg, Technorati

3:30 PM (4:30 session in SF) New tools and techniques for measuring the effect of online public relations
Online PR is hot, but sooner or later top management wants to know what effect it’s having and how much it’s worth. How much of your budget should you devote to online strategies? The answers start with solid measurement, which has been elusive in new media. Bring yourself and your tool box up to date as these measurement experts share the latest methods for monitoring and assessing the online “conversation.”

New York: Sam Huxley, New Media Strategies; Angie Jeffrey, VMS; Howard Kuashansky, Umbria
San Francisco: Pete Snyder, New Media Strategies; Dave Howlett, Umbria

4:30 PM Developing a corporate social media strategy and using social media to create “buzz” and viral distribution (3:30 session in SF)

You know that the social media phenomenon is powerful . . . but do you know how to harness it? Discover how the advance guard of PR professionals are taking advantage of this wild frontier to place messages
on these sites, only to induce consumer “emissaries” to push their message to millions more prospects.

New York: Jennifer Cisney, Eastman Kodak; Sally Falkow, Expansion Plus; Sarah Skerik, PR Newswire
San Francisco: Sally Falkow, President, Expansion Plus; Brian Solis, Principal, FutureWorks Public Relations;Jennifer McClure, Executive Director, Society for New Communications Research

And here’s the moderator’s presentation (mine) used to weave it all together.

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