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Online Social Media Training Opportunities at PRSA 2012

Online social media training is my focus these days.

I recently created a comprehensive curriculum of self-paced, on-demand social media courseware, all of which is currently available online.

Saturday I’ll be conducting the pre-conference Social Media Bootcamp, but I’m staying Sunday to connect with other PR professionals at the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) International Conference looking for practical solutions for scaling social media engagement and managing risk by accelerating digital literacy company wide.

In other words, if it doesn’t make sense to send your entire call center or sales staff to a social media training workshop, you can now train them entirely online.

The Online Social Media Bootcamp, a bundle of the six most popular courses, will also be available through Oct. 19, 2012 for $299 (regularly $599). You can use it to bring your employees, coworkers and clients up to speed.

Unless it’s a profit center, focus on deliverying results instead if explaining what hashtags, embeds, SEO and live streams are.  Thiss an easy way to outsource education and bring your people up to speed anytime, anywhere, at a pace that works for them, without travel costs from the longest running, top-rated social media training provider.

I’m also going to be doing interviews on the state digital literacy in the workplace on Sunday between 10 and 1pm. I still have open slots so let me know if you’re interested.  I’d especially like to talk to past attendees on my Social Media Boot Camp about what’s working, what’s not and why.

And finally, I’m meeting with a few select pros who are looking to grow revenues by selling these new online social media training courses in bulk to clients or through new business development deals.  Reps who satisfy certain volumes will win geographic exclusivity in their territory and the arrangement is quite equitable. Six figure commissions are very realistic. I’m out Sunday night and my schedule is packed but if you’d like to talk about repping the courseware, text at me +1-424-272-l27O and I’ll make time.

Hope to see you there!

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State of Traditional & Social Media Monitoring

  • Beyond AI hype; state of sentiment analysis
  • Overcoming media monitoring challenge
  • Features comparison grid
  • How to monitor the business impact of PR
  • Getting strategic intelligence from media monitoring
  • And much, much more

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