Biography: John Schultz

John Schultz, President of Rock-Ola Manufacturing Corporation, has been in the jukebox industry for over a quarter century, a professional longevity he attributes in large part to the cheerful atmosphere that jukeboxes and music create.  With deep knowledge of the jukebox industry and years of experience working with Rock-Ola jukeboxes, Glenn Street brought Schultz in to serve as president in 1999.  Since then, Schultz has developed a sense of pride in Rock-Ola’s tradition of high-end, hand-crafted jukeboxes, the company’s strong contributions to art-deco and Americana design, and the numerous engineering breakthroughs they’ve made over the past 80 years in the area of home audio entertainment devices.   
In search of fairer climate Schultz migrated west from icy Chicago, where he was born and raised, to Southern California with his wife and daughters.  It was there that he began his career in coin-operated equipment as general manager of Automated Vending with vending machines throughout the Southland.  Over the course of his four year stint with Automated, Schultz saw firsthand the trails and tribulations of the coin-op business from restocking and repairing machines to emptying coin-boxes and splitting the drop with the owners of the venues where the company’s equipment was stationed. 
Schultz eventually moved on to a sales position at Weymouth Distributing, a company that supplied coin-operated equipment to amusement and vending machine route operators.  One of the brands in his line was Rock-Ola jukeboxes.  Over the course of his twenty year tenure at Weymouth, Schultz rose through the ranks to president, all the while developing his knowledge of the coin-operated amusement trade along with his passion for jukeboxes.  Schultz became intimately familiar with the range of Rock-Ola’s products and developed an appreciation for the brand’s iconic American styling and unprecedented craftsmanship.
His independence, drive to succeed and appreciation for joyful ideals have propelled Schultz throughout his career.  Schultz credits these traits to the year of his life he spent in a children’s home in Chicago after his mother fell ill with tuberculosis.  Now living in Southern California with his family and a career he loves, Schultz’s success is as much an American success story as the company he works for. 

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