Global VR Backgrounder 
Global VR is a privately-held manufacturer of coin-operated video games and virtual reality game systems. The company also produces and sells interchangeable software packages for its game systems. Beginning in 2002 its games will generate additional recurring revenue from Internet-linked tournament play. Global VR has sold games and game systems in North America, South America, Europe, Asia and Australia. The company’s products have consistently ranked among the industry’s top earners. 

VR Vortek Game Systems: 
Global VR’s first product, which entered the marketplace in late 2000, was VR Vortek, the world’s first walk-up, coin-operated virtual reality game system. VR Vortek now serves as the platform for three Global VR simulator games: Heavy Gear II, SiN (both based on Activision games) and Beachhead 2000. The system is presently available in three models: VR Vortek Standard, VR Vortek Deluxe and VR Vortek 3D. 

Interactive Light Acquisition: 
In September 2000 Global VR acquired coin-operated game manufacturer Interactive Light Inc., gaining several important game and simulator patents, as well as the right to produce, manufacture and sell hardware and software for the company’s games. The games include baseball simulator Home Run Derby, soccer simulator Kick It!, football simulator Split the Uprights, Slide It and Savage Quest. 

EA Sports Agreement: 
In January 2002 Global VR announced a four-year exclusive, worldwide licensing agreement with Electronic Arts (NASDAQ: ERTS) to produce and sell coin-op versions of EA Sports’ Tiger Woods PGA Tour Golf games, the top-selling titles in both the PC- and console-based golf game categories. Global VR’s version debuted to the trade on January 22, 2002 in London, England. 

Rage Agreement: 
In December 2001 Global VR signed a licensing agreement with Rage Software (FTSE: RGE) to create a coin-op version of the Rage’s popular Incoming PC game for Global VR’s Vortek game platform.