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How To Create a Marketing Persona for the CTO

By Eric Schwartzman | April 16, 2020
digital marketing to the CTO

If you want to market new technology products B2Bs you need to engage the CTO. Marketing to the CTO requires an understanding of who they are and what they do.  “A CTO is a sort of ombudsman for all parts of an organization’s technologies,” says Ty Roberts, who currently runs strategic partnerships at TIDAL, JAY…

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When to Ignore the Data and Trust Your Gut

By Eric Schwartzman | April 11, 2020

Three time author and two time unicorn king Max Altshuler has perfected the art and science of finding customers who are ready to buy. The reason it’s not all science is because account sourcing requires finding the middle ground between data and gut instinct. Max has played a key role building demand and nurturing leads…

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SXSW Keynote Booker Shares Selection Criteria

By Eric Schwartzman | March 30, 2020

If you want get booked to keynote SXSW 2021, now’s the time to start planning. And what better way to start then by listening to this exclusive deep dive interview with Hugh Forrest, Chief Programming Office at SXSW, about how he goes about making that decision? Welcome to my first episode of the new B2B…

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