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The 4-Steps of Togetherness: Sales & Marketing Alignment Series – Part 2

By Eric Schwartzman | October 29, 2020
sales and marketing alignment series with Jeff Davis - Part 2

In part 2 of this 3-part series, Jeff Davis, author of Create Togetherness  acknowledges that sales alignment is an evolution. In part 1, we discussed aligning sales and marketing by aligning KPIs. Today, we discuss the four stages companies typically advance through on the road to alignment.  Hidden Marketing – There may be a sales…

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Mastering Sales & Marketing Alignment: A 3-Part Series with Jeff Davis

By Eric Schwartzman | October 22, 2020
sales and marketing alignment series with Jeff Davis

“I don’t want salespeople to be marketers or marketers to be salespeople. Instead, I want to help leverage each other to reach our goals.  Jeff Davis Learning how to master sales and marketing alignment is an ongoing process for many organizations. But, if you want to outperform your competitors and optimize your sales process, it’s…

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Reputation Management with Broadcast Media Monitoring Services

By Eric Schwartzman | October 15, 2020

In an always-on world, broadcast media monitoring services help you stay current on all on how your brand, industry, and competitors are being covered in broadcast and cable television. This gives you a huge advantage when it comes to defending your brand and managing your reputation, particularly in the event of crisis or news media…

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B2B Marketing to Niche Industries

By Eric Schwartzman | October 5, 2020
B2B niche marketing strategy

When it comes to creating a niche marketing strategy for B2Bs, there are no off-the-shelf options. It’s a blessing and a curse. On the one hand, you can adapt the way you sell to match how customers like to buy. But doing that involves anticipating how they’ll want to buy before they’re actually buying that…

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How to Hire a Digital Marketing Expert

By Eric Schwartzman | September 17, 2020

It’s not the best business that wins.  It’s the one with the best marketing. Which means that marketing — digital marketing specifically during this lousy pandemic — has become the single most important way to survive and thrive.  After all, it’s marketing’s job to communicate value, generate leads, bring in, and win new clients.  Without…

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How to Use Proverbs & Persuasion for Better Brand Storytelling

By Eric Schwartzman | September 8, 2020

While B2B lead generation has changed a lot since the Rolodex days, one thing has remained the same – word of mouth. If you want to translate the world of media into word of mouth, people have to be able to remember your message.  And people remember information best if it’s conveyed in a story.…

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How to Improve the B2B Lead Qualification Process in Niche Markets

By Eric Schwartzman | September 3, 2020

One of the biggest challenges when it comes to B2B lead generation is increasing lead quantity without compromising lead quality.  In the B2B growth marketing world, marketers of niche products and services simply don’t have a big pool of potential customers to draw from. Which is why the golden rule of niche marketing strategy is…

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Is the Skyscraper SEO Technique Dead?

By Eric Schwartzman | September 1, 2020
Organic growth marketing

If you were to ask a room of digital marketing consultants, “What’s the best plan for creating content for startups?” the overwhelming majority of them would swear by the skyscraper blog post strategy. I’ll give you a hard and fast definition of the skyscraper technique deeper in this article, but from a big picture standpoint,…

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What is Sales Enablement? Breaking Down Barriers Between Marketing, Sales, and Customer Success

By Eric Schwartzman | August 27, 2020
what is sales enablement

What is sales enablement? Ask 10 people and get 12 different answers. In short, great sales enablement should help break down barriers within your organization, allowing sales and marketing to align against shared KPIs. In theory, that sounds great, but in practice, it doesn’t always happen. At least not as smoothly as we’d like.  To…

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When Mapping the B2B Customer Journey, Your Mission Given is Data-Driven

By Eric Schwartzman | August 20, 2020

You wouldn’t expect to arrive at your destination without following directions. So why would anyone invest in B2B digital marketing without a roadmap? The reason so many fall short when it comes to data-driven marketing is they lack direction. And social media engagement, website usage, email marketing data are the digital breadcrumbs you use to…

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