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B2B Social Media at SXSW

With my www.b2bsocialmediabook.com at B&N Santa MonicaI am excited to be headed to SXSW for a Social Marketing to the Business Customer Book Signing, a panel discussion on Outsourcing Social Media without Selling Your Soul and the opportunity to see and meet up with the largest concentration of forward-thinking social media minded professionals in any one place, anywhere in the world. I’m a huge SXSW fan not just because they draw such an informed crowd, but also because I’m guaranteed to hear new ideas and actually learn something.

But one thing I find a bit striking is the fact that in an industry where Linkedin and Hoover’s are poised to reinvent sales prospecting, Saleforce.com is unleashing to power of social networking inside organizations and B2B social media is predicted to grow at 21% annual compound rate through 2013, not a single B2B focused talk is on the agenda this year.

Having just completed the first book devoted exclusively to the use of social media for B2B marketing, and having spent most of the last six months researching and writing about the topic, perhaps my vision has become too myopic, but given just how thorough the conference programming is, it’s a little surprising to me.  Is it you?  Do you think it was a conscious decision?

Any event, if you’re a B2B looking for answers on how to integrate social media into your business processes, I may be able to help.  In Social Marketing to the Business Customer we lay out a practical strategy for finding and engaging business customers and include case studies showing exactly how B2B companies in and out of the tech sector are using social media to drive revenue.

If you’re interested in B2B social media stop by my book signing at SX Bookstore on the fourth floor of the convention center on Monday, March 14 at 11:30am.  I’m organizing a B2B social media meet up directly afterwards via #SXSWB2B.  Hope to see you there!  Or tweet me up @ericschwartzman and perhaps we can arrange a time to meet separately.

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