Cambridge Analytica Slammed for Psychographic Advertising

By Eric Schwartzman | March 22, 2018
psychographic advertising

Now that we know Cambridge Analytica used psychographic advertising for political gain, is the revenue model for Google, Facebook, Amazon and Twitter a violation of personal privacy? Should advertisers and developers be allowed to target advertising based on psychographics profiles? That’s the question everyone’s asking, despite the fact we willingly surrender any reasonable expectation of…

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What Shapes Human Psychology More: Nature or Nurture?

By Eric Schwartzman | December 1, 2017
nature or nurture

What’s a more important driver of human psychology? Nature or nurture? I just finished these books about the nature vs nurture debate, both by psychologists and here’s I learned that are applicable to B2B digital marketing strategy. Each book answered a different side of the question. If we are born emotionally predisposed to different points of view,…

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Is Trump Helping or Hurting the Gig Economy?

By Eric Schwartzman | May 19, 2017
Official White House Photo by Shealah Craighead

President Donald Trump has made it clear. When it comes to jobs and foreign trade, his administration will put American jobs “first.” But what does that mean for the gig economy, where people outsource jobs to freelancers via the web? And what will it mean for online talent platforms that match employers with subcontractors for…

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Digital Freelancers Reshaping Modern Workforce

By Eric Schwartzman | November 29, 2016

The gig economy isn’t limited to just Uber and Task Rabbit anymore. You can hire out work online for just about anything – from public relations to mobile app development – and you can do it from your smartphone. Even the Fed is trying to figure out how to deal with the “sharp increase” in…

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Climate Change Communication Strategy: How Tobacco, Oil and Gas Stifle Regulators with Doubt

By Eric Schwartzman | March 27, 2015
climate change communication strategy

How do you develop a climate change communication strategy in an environment where 97% of climate scientists agree that human activity is having a significant impact on climate change but only 50% of the general public agrees? This disconnect between the scientific consensus on climate change and public opinion is baffliing. Business interests that oppose…

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Social Media Crisis Communications: Litmus Test for Evaluating a Crisis

By Eric Schwartzman | November 9, 2012
Social Media Crisis Communications

When your critics start calling you out on Twitter and Facebook and your social media monitoring tools start turning up all kinds of negative posts on Instagram and Pinterest, your first impulse might be to gather your key stakeholders and move into social media crisis communications mode. But before you assemble your communications team and…

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PR Advice to LeBron James

By Eric Schwartzman | July 15, 2010

Dan Schnur, Director of the Institute for Politics at USC, Shelia Tate, Press Secretary to First Lady Nancy Reagan, Noelia Rodriguez, Press Secretary to First Lady Laura Bush, David Demarest, Press Secretary to President George H.W. Bush, Phyllis Tuck, Hill & Knowlton, Don Spetner, Korn/Ferry International, Joann Killeen, Killeen Furtney, Lou Baglietto, Butterfield Communications and…

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Social Media Communication Readiness at Work [RESEARCH]

By Eric Schwartzman | August 10, 2009
social media communications ready

Public relations team members should take the lead on social media communication across the spectrum of enterprise and corporations. The research says PR practitioners need to be social media communication ready, and since best practices are still evolving, PR could probably benefit from adopting a growth mindset and a social media policy that encourages coworkers…

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New Media Training Courses and Communications Skills in Demand, Despite Weak Economy

By Eric Schwartzman | February 26, 2009

Originally uploaded by js wright New media training courses and communications skills not surprisingly are still in high demand, according to founder and cyber hostess Laurel Touby. I interviewed Laurel for On the Record…Online, and she said that of all the categories of training courses offers – which include journalism, freelancing, editing, career…

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Geeks to Inherit Los Angeles Times Newsroom

By Eric Schwartzman | January 29, 2007

When will the MSM accept fate? Steve Jobs has already inherited the Magic Kingdom, Saddam Hussein’s cell phone video-taped execution — which looked more like a lynch mob than rule of law — has destroyed the last shred of public opinion in support of the War in Iraq and Joe Public is now reaching audiences…

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