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Search engine optimization is just one part of B2B lead generation. Equally important are content marketing, social media, email marketing, a/b testing and conversion optimization. 

In this episode, we go deep with demand gen maverick Gaetano DeNardi (@gaetano_nyc) about how to assess an existing site, increase its organic traffic through SEO, grow your email list and convert more leads to revenue.

Gaetano led demand-generation at Saleshacker, growing traffic from 17,000 to 100,000 monthly unique visitors which helped propel the company to a successful acquisition by Outreach.

He currently serves as Director of Demand Generation at Nextiva, which sells cloud phone systems.

Creativity and science go hand-in-hand in for Gaetano, who talks about his favorite approaches for optimizing sites for search, leveraging top pages to build an email list through content injection strategies and how to draw engagement through organic posts on LinkedIn.

Some of his favorite tools, which we discussed in the podcast, include:

  • SEMrush and ahrefs – He said he has no preference and is a customer of both.
  • Clearscope –  Provides semantically relevant terms recommended article length and other recommendations about writing quality
  • VWO –  Combines heat maps, a/b testing and exportable click tracking
  • Hotjar – Website user behavior mapping 
  • Opt-In Monster – Content injection tool that loads faster than Sumo
  • BriteVerify –  integrates with form handlers and blocks junk from Bots
  • Pardot –  The salesforce.com marketing automation solution.
  • HubSpot –  The company that defined Inbound Marketing
  • Amazon Polly – Text to voice generator from AWS

I am hoping to write a more comprehensive post about this interview sometime in the future. But I didn't want to hold up releasing this killer podcast episode for that so here it is. 

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