Social Marketing Offerings

Seize the moment, before it’s too late.

Wake up to the present. Engage the social consumer. Socialize the workplace.

Social Marketing Audits – See which social networks your customers are on, what they’re talking about and who the most influential voices are. Get meaningful, accurate research and insight. Get it fast and hassle-free with the highest degree of accuracy. Learn more >>

Social Marketing Strategy – Get a smart, ready-to-execute social marketing strategy, guidelines to help your people execute and an operational framework for integrating social media into your existing activities. Learn more >>

Social Marketing Services – Accelerate your sales cycles with compelling, useful, informative marketing content for your website that gets found through search and shared on social networks. Learn more >>

I have 15 years experience in online communications. I’m thorough. I’m fast. I’m reliable. And I've helped consumer brands, government agencies, the military, non-profits and small to medium-sized businesses all over the world.