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Develop a Profitable Social Media Marketing Strategy

What’s your digital strategy?

• Blocking access to social media sites in the workplace so no one wastes time.or providing useful, easy-to-grasp guidelines that promote responsibly use in the workplace?

• A Facebook Page or a Twitter feed so you can spam your community.or responding to questions on Linkedin or Quora with valuable insights that are genuinely useful?

• Defending your brand in real time on Twitter when customers gripe.or seeking out and participating in online discussions that lead to purchasing decisions?

With the pace of change moving so rapidly, and risk of being wrong so severe, can you really afford to not have a solid digital strategy?

I am an independent consultant with 15 years experience helping organizations leverage digital communications. I’m thorough. I’m fast. And I’m reliable. 

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Social marketing strategy is critical to the success or failure of your organizational communications efforts. But social media marketing isn't one size fits all. My approach involves adapting a social marketing strategy to your organization's existing corporate culture. I consult with clients to identify, develop and execute strategic social marketing initiatives that help corporations, nonprofits and government agencies integrate the web into their existing business processes. 
Mapping Social Media Strategy to Corporate Culture
I help organizations develop sustainable plans for informing online communities more frequently and more intelligently than their competitors. Whether through content marketing, community management or automation, I work with organizations to assess the competitive landscape and find an approach that best supports your organization's core competencies and management's business objectives.

Win Buy-In and Resources
To help organizations secure budget allocation and resources to fund internal and external new media communications initiatives, I work with clients to identify quantitative objectives, assess needs, and articulate a clear, concise social media marketing strategy.  Regardless of your organization's existing social media literacy level, I can help you develop a comprehensive, defensible plan-of-action.

Take advantage of my social marketing strategy consulting services to map out the specific steps your organization should take to begin leveraging social media to achieve measurable business objectives. Present your business case in context against your industry, competitors and customers armed with relevant, primary research, case studies and practical social marketing strategy examples.

Whether you're B2C or B2B, leverage my subject matter expertise to put social marketing theory and experience into action with a practical, go-to-market strategy that gets you up and running fast. Don't waste time and energy searching for your marketplace online.  Leverage my three-pronged social marketing approach to find and engage your customers where they are already. 

Strategic Social Marketing Platform Selection
Whether it's a blog, social network or website that you rely on to execute you social marketing strategy, you still need to pick the right technology to power that initiative. Will your blog be hosted externally or internally?  Will it be open-source, proprietary or software as a service? Will you social network on a public, Web 2.0 site like Linkedin, or does it make more sense to build a private, white labeled social network on a platform like Jive?  Or should you be social networking behind the firewall with a tool like Chatter?  Making the wrong decision can be timely and expensive.

I can help you by translating your social marketing strategy into a detailed request for proposal complete with a functional specification to make sure your your IT provider can assess your needs. Migrating from one platform is an extremely disruptive process.  By mapping out the various use-case scenarios, I help organizations offset risk by documenting the specific features your online communications platform needs to perform. Content's claim to the crow is being challenged by the interface that controls the user experience.   Gaining adoption is tough enough already.  If your platform is not easy on the back-end as it is on the front-end, you're making your job much tougher than it needs to be.

Don't paint yourself into the corner. Insure ease-of-use, convenience, flexibility and interoperability with a professional functional specification, which can also form the basis of a request for proposal when performing vendor selection or offshore outsourcing. Selecting the right technology platform could be the most important social marketing strategy decision you will ever make.