Social Marketing Research

Allocate resources based on the numbers. Not on whims.


I collect, organize and analyze real-world evidence of buyer-oriented conversations that lead to purchasing decision and shape corporate reputations, so you can build a strategy or campaign based on facts. 

Social Marketing Research – Get critical intelligence to win buy-in, resources and budget for social marketing initiatives. I can give you the hard data you need to make a compelling business case for integrating social media into your marketing mix. I will find your market online, introduce you to the influencers and tell you how to get started with social marketing.

1) Social Media Audits – Stop guessing where your customers are. Let me show you actual evidence of your customers engaged in buyer-oriented conversations that lead to purchasing decisions online. Find our which social networks your customers are using to source your products or services, and see which of your competitors are actively marketing these channels already.

2) Social Media Influence Maps – So many blogs. So little time. Find out who the influencers are in your online community. I’ll identify and quantify the right people to engage in your select niche and provide hard numbers on: 

a) The most visible online outlets in your niche.

b) The online outlets that start conversations that go furthest.

c) The shortest path to advancing your Google search engine rankings.

3) Social Media Analysis – Secure the accurate data you need to build a social marketing action plan based on primary research tailored to your specific needs. Includes a Social Media Audit, Social Media Influence Maps and a comprehensive analysis of how to leverage that data to market your products and services through social media. 

Before you launch a Facebook page or a Twitter feed, find out where your customers are engaging already and strike were the iron is hot. Figure out exactly where you’re company can generate a short term ROI and long term equity with social marketing research.

Case Study


This chart, which I made for the U.S. State Dept., shows the discussion that was generated by president Obama's June 4, 2009 speech in Cairo. The keyword cloud created to identify mainstream and social media conversations is shown inside the green circle. News and social media clipped against the keyword cloud is shown in the green rectangle. 

Top left, the timeline shows the instances of the various keywords. Note that Obama peaks well after the date of the speech, and that the keyword "freedom" is buoyed by the Obama keyword trend. 

In the future, this is not only the type of data that will be used by the U.S. Dept. of State to secure appropriations from Congress, but will also wind up gutting traditional marketing practices at most organization, since they defy accurate measurement and analysis.