Agency Partner: iPressroom

Online Newsrooms

We Help Organizations Get the Tools They Need to Relate with the Public Online

Eric Schwartzman founded online press room software as a service provider iPressroom to provide non-technical marketing, PR and corporate communications staffers with the easy to use, point and click tools and services for executing social media and new media communications campaigns online.

iPressroom is the first online application that allows individuals with basic computer skills to create and manage online marketing and public relations campaigns on their organization's website and Web 2.0 social media platforms without relying on a webmaster. 

Public relations professionals on the client and agency side use the integrated iPressroom online dashboard to:

  • Upload and search engine their optimize press releases
  • Distribute opt-in email campaigns
  • Manage blogs, podcasts and multiple RSS feed
  • Serve audio and video on demand

Organizations including Carmax, Target, Trend Micro, U.C.L.A. and Whole Foods rely on iPressroom to manage the online press room section of their websites without relying on their internal IT resources. 

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