Best Restaurants


We love great restaurants, and L.A.'s got the best of them. These are our personal top picks; the places we go to eat when we're hungry or when want to have a little fun. They are not necessarily in order of importance and none of them are our clients.

Pictured here is The Galley on Main Street, which holds Santa Monica's oldest liquor license. Captain Ron Schur, the proprietor, serves "think juicy steaks and lucious east-coast little neck clams."

1. The Cut -- (310)-276-8500 -- 9500 Wilshire Blvd., Beverly Hills

What to order: Kobe Beef

Scene: This is Wolfgang Puck's Steak House at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel. Tom Cruise has a standing Tuesday night reservation here. Steaks are flash cooked at 650 degrees to seal in the flavor.

2.Capo -- (310) -394-5550 -- 1810 Ocean Ave, Santa Monica

What to order: Fise salad and bone in T-bone steak.

Scene: Chef Bruce Marder of West Beach Cafe fame presents the most delectable Tuscan culinary treats Los Angeles has to offer. Not for those with sticker shock.

3. Joe's on Main -- (310) 399-5811 -- 1023 Abbot Kinney Blvd., Venice Beach

What to order: Roast Beef, if it's on the menu.

Scene: Draws an ecclectic, well-to-do crowd of patrons who are more interested in good food than being seen. If you're looking for action, this is not the place to go. If you're looking for excellent gourmet food, don't miss it. People do get dressed up to go to Joe's, but in Los Angeles people tend to dress much more casual than in other major cities so keep that in mind where ever you may go. Beer and wine only.

4. Bamboo -- (310) 287-0668 -- 10835 Venice Blvd, Culver City

What to order: Yucatan Chicken or Cancun Steak.

Scene: If it's lunch time, you may spot a celebrity or two. That's because Bamboo is only a few blocks from Sony Pictures, formerly the Columbia Pictures back lot. If it's dinner, bring your own scene. In either case, the menu is unparalleled. Casual dress. Full bar

5. Crustacean -- (310) 205-8990 -- 9646 Santa Monica Blvd., Beverly Hills

What to order: Anything at all.

Scene: This place is right smack in the middle of Beverly Hills, so dress to impress. Of all the places on this list, this place is probably one of the best to see and be seen by upwardly mobile Angelenos. The restaurant features a koi garden beneath a glass floor. Full bar.

6. Typhoon -- (310) 390-6565 -- 3221 Donald Douglas Loop S, Santa Monica Airport

What to order: Mongolian Lamb

Scene: This is one of those really cool Los Angeles hide aways that you need to know someone to find out about. It's off the beaten path, beside the Santa Monica Airport's runway. Dress casual hip. Menu is family style. Full bar.

7. The Galley -- (310) 452-1934 -- 2442 Main St., Santa Monica

What to order: Little neck steamers to start and the steak & shrimp combo for the main course.

Scene: Sawdust on the floor, antique fishing tackle and boat paraphernalia hanging all around. This place is charming as hell, but bring your own scene. Most tables are booths. Full bar.

8. Musso & Frank -- (323) 467-5123 -- 6667 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood

What to order: Any steak or chop from the grill.

Scene: This place draws an interesting mix of Hollywood wax works, major celebrities and genuine sleeze bags. It is right on Hollywood Blvd, which can be a dangerous area at night so valet park and be conscious of your surroundings. When Woody Allen came out of seclusion to do a recent junket for "Small Time Crooks," they did it here. The place has been around forever and stands as one of the last remaining old Hollywood hang outs. You can wear what ever you want (I mean it) and they do have a full bar.

9. Cafe des Artistes -- (323) 469-7300 -- 1534 N. McCadden Place, Hollywood

What to order: Couq au Vin

Scene: This place draws hip, young entertainment industry insiders. It's packed at lunch so call ahead for a reservation. Request a table in the back room. Dress trendy hip for dinner. You can pretty much wear what ever you want for lunch. Full bar.

10. Asia de Cuba -- (323) 848-6000 -- 8440 W. Sunset Blvd., Hollywood

Scene: This place has great food but it's really all about the scene. It is at the Mondrian Hotel on Sunset right beside Ian Schrager's Sky Bar, an exclusive outdoor lounge that is tough to get into, unless you've got connections, either have dinner at Asia de Cuba or book a room at the Mondrian.