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Eric Schwartzman is a digital marketing consultant, entrepreneur, and author of The Digital Pivot: Secrets of Online Marketing and Social Marketing to the Business Customer.

His Digital Pivot Program helps clients grow their businesses two to five times in six to twelve months by implementing his 4-Step Digital Pivot Framework.

Eric has led digital marketing initiatives for Boeing, Britney Spears, Cirque du Soleil, Johnson & Johnson, North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD), the Olympics Games, the US Dept. of State and dozens of small and midsize companies.

He ran promotions at a global PR agency, founded a content management SaaS platform provider with clients such as Dunkin’ Donuts, Linkedin, NVIDIA, and Verizon, and oversaw the center for digital innovation at a $1B company where he led pivots from homegrown to enterprise software and developed an online marketplace.

Eric is an award-winning podcast producer and host of The Earned Media Podcast and the B2B Lead Gen Podcast. His library of on-demand digital marketing training courses have more than a quarter million enrollees worldwide.

Eric has been featured in Adweek, Business Insider, Forbes, Hollywood Reporter, PR Week, Variety, and VentureBeat. He lives in Santa Monica, California with his wife Celia, son William, and his dog Ace. Eric enjoys tennis, performing arts, gallery exhibitions, and BBQ.

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Best Podcast, On the Record ... Online, MarCom Awards 2007

Platinum Award, Best Podcast, On the Record ... Online, PR News 2007

Award of Excellence, Best Podcast, On the Record ... Online, Society for New Communications Research 2006

Bronze Anvil, Best Podcast, On the Record ... Online, Public Relations Society of America 2006

Email Marketing Award, Marketing Sherpa, Best Podcast, On the Record ... Online, 2006


Bachelor of Arts, Cum Laude, San Francisco State University

Semester Abroad, Overseas Programs, Tel Aviv University

Sight & Sound Summer Program, New York University

What is a digital transformation?

A digital transformation is the transfer of a business process that occurs in the real world to the digital world, or improving existing business processes in digital environments.


  • CRM implementation
  • Mobile app development
  • Voice over IP integration
  • Demand forecasting
  • Supply chain management

The coronavirus galvanized teleconferencing and marketing automation software modernized customer prospecting from outbound to inbound.

Digital transformation initiatives impact people, processes and technology, usually in that order.

While the objective is often to disrupt an industry to grow market share, digital transformation initiatives can be very disruptive to organizations and individuals undertaking them as well.

For these reasons, the right leadership is a critical factor in minimizing the risk of failure. I have led digital transformation initiatives for enterprise-class software migrations from business requirements gathering, to vendor selection, implementation, quality assurance and user training.

But that's not where I started out. I began in marketing on the client-side as an early adopter of technology and have continued passing the envelope up until now.

Sometimes my friends ask me...

What does a digital transformation advisor do?

A digital transformation advisor minimizes the risk associates with moving traditional business processes to digital environments.

To do this, I gather stakeholder requirements, surface and memorialize stated project objectives, analyze the existing business process, create business process model notation diagrams to capture workflows and develop a functional specification that forms the basis of an RFP (Request for Proposal) to solicit bids from system integrators.

Using agile software development methodologies, I also have extensive Kanban and Scrum management capabilities.

By documenting the intended outcome and managing the configuration process, I improve the likelihood of successful software implementations and migrations.

What is a digital marketing consultant?

A digital marketing consultant is someone who advises on making a market for products and services in digital environments via desktop and mobile devices.

Digital marketing consultants often specialize in either organic or paid media.

In digital marketing, organic media refers to natural search optimization, sharing content on social networks that drives user engagement and getting others to write, talk and link back to a client's website.

Paid media refers to Google Pay Per Click Ads, Facebook Ads, YouTube Ads, Native Ads and any other digital environment where a client pays to have their content featured.

Who is a digital marketing consultant?

Eric Schwartzman is a digital marketing consultant.

Clients hire me to help them increase revenue online through organic growth marketing programs that leverage of owned, shared and earned media marketing to grow market share.

As a former manager of a large B2B marketing team, I am a generalist with first-hand experience overseeing the implementation and development of enterprise IT solutions.

I'm also an expert in all of these areas:

  1. Digital Analytics - Because you can’t improve if you can’t measure.
  2. Marketing Automation - Finding warm leads based on digital interactions
  3. Website Performance - Maximizing site load speed to elevate rankings
  4. Search Engine Optimization - Boosting search rankings to get found
  5. Copywriting - Persuasive use of language to drive conversions
  6. Email Marketing - Personalized communications to nurture leads
  7. Content Marketing - Problem-solution storytelling to get shortlisted
  8. Blogging - Content authorship to build thought leadership
  9. Podcasting - Long-form content for community development
  10. Online Video Production - Shorter form content for community development
  11. Social Media Marketing - Social proof to add credibility and visibility
  12. Digital PR - Implied, neutral, third-party editorial endorsements

These are the disciplines required to execute an organic growth marketing strategy.

What does a digital marketing consultant do?

If you're new to digital marketing, owned media marketing refers to media you create and own, like websites, blogs, podcasts, videos, email newsletters, white papers, webinars and events, as well as the tools you use to measure and optimize those assets.

Shared refers to social media and influencer marketing. I wrote a best seller B2B social marketing.

And earned refers to guest blogging, media relations, industry awards and public speaking.

I've overseen media relations at some of the largest events on the planet including The Academy Awards, the Olympics and Star Wars Celebration.

In various capacities, I've been in digital marketing for over 20 years now.

I developed a proprietary methodology for sequencing initiatives to accelerate growth that I use to help clients implement digital marketing and digital transformation initiatives.

How much do digital marketing consultants charge?

According to 2019 research from Credo, the average worldwide rate for digital marketing consultants is $140 per hour.

For US digital marketing consultants, the average rate is $161 per hour.

But hourly rates can be tough on clients, because the consultant has no incentive to work efficiently.

Rather than bill hours, I created the Outside Insourcing model to offer clients a distinct scope of work with specific deliverables on a flat-fee basis.

Advisor, Trainer, Facilitator, Coach

As a professional development seminar leader, I've led 2 and 3-day digital marketing communication programs in the classroom and the cloud for Boeing, Johnson & Johnson, UCLA and Toyota, and dozens of small and midsize businesses.

As a facilitator, I've led cross-functional teams at Fortune 500s, federal government agencies, military commands and B2Bs on enterprise software migrations and full life-cycle software-as-a-service product development.

As a coach, I've helped hundreds of startups, thought leaders and self-published authors take charge of their own digital transformation initiatives.

I've helped hundreds of individuals and SMBs increase their revenue without relying on advertising.

Digital Marketing Achievements

  • Director at a global PR firm with clients such as Microsoft, Marriott and The Grammy Awards
  • Managed a boutique PR agency with clients such as Lucasfilm, 3Tera (acquired by Google)
  • Best-selling author of the first book on B2B digital marketing, published by Wiley
  • Produced award-winning podcasts for the LA Opera, Billboard and The Hollywood Reporter
  • Spearheaded media relations at Star Wars Celebration, Salt Lake Winter Olympics and The Grammy Awards
  • Senior emerging media instructor at the Public Relations Society of America

Digital Transformation Acheivements

  • VP Marketing at an gaming startup that went public on the NASDAQ
  • Founded, bootstrapped and sold a successful SaaS
  • Produced 20 online digital marketing courses with more than 200,000 enrollees
  • Led digital revenue operations at a $1B B2B implementing enterprise software migrations
  • Served as special climate communications advisor to the US Dept of State
  • Served as Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership Digital Communications Advisor to US Ambassador Deborah McCarthy
  • Digital Media Usage Policy Development Advisor to the Marine Corps and Edison International

I help organizations establish their online presence, build online communities, develop go-to-media strategies and win third-party endorsements through guest blogging, media relations and industry events.

I’m a Los Angeles native with decades of experience disrupting B2B markets and challenging incumbents through innovative organic growth marketing programs, innovative full-lifecycle digital product development, as well as owned, shared and earned media marketing programs.

Eric Schwartzman
Digital marketing consultant Eric Schwartzman
Eric Schwartzman with Ambassador David Thorne
Eric Schwartzman and US Ambassador to Rome, David H. Thorne, where I gave a keynote presentation on Digital Diplomacy.
Britney Spears with Eric Schwartzman and Ann Green
Awarding the Silicon CD to Britney Spears for most played artist on the net. I created the award for my client Gracenote.
Eric Schwartzman with US Pacific Command Public Affairs Detail at Camp HM Smith
Leading strategic communications exercises for US Pacific Command at Camp HM Smith in Hawaii.
Eric Schwartzman with Ambassador Deborah McCarthy
Consulting with US Ambassador Ambassador Deborah A. McCarthy on digital diplomacy for the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (T-TIP).
Eric Schwartzman with Kristen Bell
Press conference with Kristen Bell at Star Wars Celebration IV (C4). I spearheaded media relations for Lucasfilm at the event, credentialing hundreds of journalists and servicing thousands of print, radio and TV news placements.
Eric Schwartzman leading a 2-day seminar for PRSA
For a decade, I led my Social Media Boot Camp as the preconference workshop for the Public Relations Society of America's annual International Conference.
Eric Schwartzman with the Pussycat Dolls
With my client The Pussycat Dolls creator Robin Antin at a media event. I represented the band before I was married.😉
Eric Schwartzman with students after a seminar
I led digital marketing training seminars worldwide for over a decade. This is at the close of a session in Chicago.
Eric Schwartzman produces on-demand and virtual instructor-led training courses
I'm the producer of the largest library of social media literacy and compliance training courses, serving over 200k students.
Eric Schwartzman leading a seminar for the US Dept. of State in Greece
Consulting with the US Embassy to Athens on strategic digital communications best practices and keynoting a series of events on the importance of a free press.
Eric Schwartzman leads a seminar at NORAD Northcomm
Eric Schwartzman with clients Doug Jack, Kenny Ortega and Sarah Kawahara at the Emmy Awards
My clients Doug Jack, Kenny Ortega and Sarah Kawahara holding their Emmy Awards for the Salt Lake Olympics Opening Ceremonies.
Eric Schwartzman with USMC Brigadier General Frederick Padilla
With Brigadier General Frederick Padilla USMC during the Educator's Workshop at Marine Corps Recruit Depot, Parris Island, South Carolina.
Eric Schwartzman delivering a keynote Aristotle University Keynote
Keynote address delivered at the Hellenic Audiovisual Institute at a special conference in new media communications.
Eric Schwartzman with Govenor Jerry Brown
With then California State Governor Jerry Brown at press event in Oakland California.
Eric Schwartzman produced a library of digital media compliance training courses
I'm the producer of the largest library of social media literacy and compliance training courses, serving over 200k students
Eric Schwartzman closing keynote Social Media Week LA
Social Media Week Los Angeles Closing Keynote at the Pauley Media Center in Beverly Hills.
Eric Schwartzman with Jay Baer
Worldcom panel appearance with New York Times Best Selling Author Jay Baer.
Eric Schwartzman briefing at Fort Lee
Executive briefing for the Defense Commissary Agency, headquartered at Fort Lee

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