A Proposal To Unmask Hate On Twitter, Without Abandoning Anonymity


With any marketing medium, there’s a certain amount of pollution that can create a toxic environment unsuitable for brand activity.

With direct mail, the more irrelevant junk mail a person receives, the more challenging it will be to break through and get your piece opened. With email, it’s spam.

On social media, there’s the danger of other users — either “friends” or other brands — poisoning the medium through spam or just plain bad behavior.

As marketers, and as users of social media, we need to demand more from the networks. In this piece, I’ll suggest a remedy that could make social networks much more hospitable places for all concerned.

Contrary to former Facebook CMO Randi Zuckerberg’s comment that “Anonymity on the internet has to go away,” the problem isn’t anonymous users, it is a lack of transparency from the social networks.

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