“Eric Schwartzman was an ideal presenter. The tools and techniques he showed were so relevant that he transformed the seminar from merely "informative" to "empowering."

Scott Pinzon(@spinzon)

Director, Marketing & Outreach

ICANN (International Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers)

1“Eric did training on new media for public diplomacy at State Department. It was much more of a seminar than training. Most of us in the class have extensive experience in public affairs and we are a hard audience to impress. I am Senior Foreign Service and have been doing this job for twenty-five years and this was one of the best, most informative and fun sessions I have experienced in my professional training. The true test is of any program is whether it yields identifiable results in an organization and I can report results already. State Department’s internal information network, InfoCentral, is part of my portfolio at State, but State also runs a wiki called Diplopedia. Eric talked about the need to be platform flexible and not build walled gardens. Taking his advice, I tore down the wall and now information from the two gardens is merging, which will greatly facilitate turning pools information into useful knowledge. You can truthfully say that Eric Schwartzman has helped change the way we handle information and that says a lot.”

John Matel (@johnmatel)

Director, International Information Programs Policy

U.S. Dept. of State

1“We recently asked Eric to be a speaker at the national conference of the Cable and Telecommunications Association for Marketing (CTAM) where he delivered a dynamic presentation entitled "Protecting Your Brand in User Generated Spheres." Eric provided key insights about how new media is impacting our brands (in ways we never imagined) and he provided key recommendations about how to actively participate in the online dialog surrounding our brands. With a robust round of questions from the attendees and insightful answers from Eric, the presentation was highly interactive as Eric shared useful, actionable ideas which could be implemented immediately. Eric is clearly an expert on new media; he's easy to work with and highly knowledgeable and professional.”
Senior Vice President, Affiliate Sales & Marketing
Fox Cable Networks

“I've had the pleasure and the privilege of attending two of Eric's Social Media Boot Camps -- and one Master Class. I have attended many workshops and seminars in my 26-year career as a communications professional and I must say that Eric is perhaps the best instructor, teacher, strategic thinker I've encountered period. His passion for new and social media is palpable. He's smart, articulate and personable. His finger is firmly placed the pulse of new and emerging communications tools and strategies and I would highly recommend him to anyone interested in learning more about online communications or any organization in search of a cutting-edge communications consultant.”

Betty McNerney

Senior Director, Communications

Michigan Chamber of Commerce

1“Eric's Social Media Boot Camp presented at PRSA's Counselors Academy Spring Conference was incredibly valuable. The seminar involved a room full of people, all with different knowledge levels of new media, and within half a day he was able to teach each person something he/she could use for clients immediately. I highly recommend Eric's sessions for all communications professionals seeking to understand new media and how to incorporate new media into client strategies.”

Dana Hughens (@blah2voila)

Senior Vice President


1“While it is easy to discern through Eric's presentations that he is indeed an expert in this field, what is resoundingly refershing is that he is also an exceptional public speaker. He is entertaining yet effective in "leading us to water," however, as the true professional he is, the ultimate conclusions are left to us to determine. Eric's involvment and ceaseless interactions in the social media environments are indicators of his passion and relentless drive toward his continuous learning. I am very impressed with his work, his professional demeanor, and candor when it came to providing the Marine Corps Public Affairs community with his impressions and recommendations. I look forward to working with Eric again in the near future!”

Major Danny Chung (@jarheadPAO)

Public Affairs Officer

Unites States Marine Corps

1“Eric flew into Greece and left a wake of very happy audiences behind when he left. His abbreviated Boot Camp generated a ton of ideas amongst our staff, upon which we have already started to act. He spoke at the New Media, New Content? conference, which had many speakers and panels, but his presentation really stood out. It was a creative mix of entertainment, thought provocation and useful ideas that are easily applied. We had many colleagues from other Embassies across Europe who said they wished they could have had the whole day with him instead of attending the conference. That is how useful and enjoyable his presentations and interactive training has been for us.”

Jodi Breisler

Foreign Service Officer

United States Government

1“Eric hosted a seminar for LIMA at our annual trade show as part of Licensing University (tm). It was by far the most highly rated seminar of the entire slate of classes. He was engaging, informative and he was able to provide real world applications and understanding to his audience about the ins and outs of social media as a marketing tool. I highly recommend him as a speaker and as a teacher on the subject!”

Jennifer Coleman Thieroff

Senior Vice President Marketing

International Licensing Merchandiser's Association

1“I recently had the opportunity to attend Eric Schwartzman’s Social Media Boot Camp in New York; even while at the training, I was emailing insights gained from Eric and the training back to my team in real time. I would highly recommend Eric Schwartzman and his Social Media Boot Camp to colleagues concerned about their messages being heard, and to those who wish to understand and master influence in the age of Social Media. Upon my return from Schwartzman’s Boot Camp I sent his On The Record Online Podcast to the highest leaders in my organization. My colleague leaders wrote back thanking me for sharing the On The Record Online Podcast, saying they found real value in it. I offer my highest professional recommendation to Eric Schwartzman’s Social Media Boot Camp and his On The Record Online Podcast.”

Joe DeMattos


Health Facilities Association of Maryland

1“Eric did an excellent presentation at our annual cable marketing conference on managing brand in a user-generated, blog-clogged world. He did extensive research in advance and his presentation was relevant, insightful and interactive.

Anne Cowan (@annecowan)

SVP, Communications & Marketing

Cable & Telecommunications Association

1“Having been to multiple social media training workshops, Eric's Social Media Boot Camp was the first workshop I've been to that I've actually gotten substantial, usable information out of. I would highly recommend attending one of his workshops whether you're brand new to social media or immersed in it. His sessions provide unique ways to integrate a variety of social media channels into your organization's communication efforts.”

Bekah Clark (@bekahclark)

Public Affairs Specialist

United States Air Force