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Eric Schwartzman Book Signing at Social Media Week L.A.SPENDING ON B2B SOCIAL MARKETING is expected to grow 21 percent annually through 2013, yet the innovations of successful companies get surprisingly little attention. This book guides the reader step by step through the process of building and executing a social marketing strategy intended specifically to address the unique needs of business customers.

It's no secret that social media tools offer powerful new ways to build and cement customer relationships, but the most prominent success stories in books and the media have been about customer markets. The potential for the same tools to transform B2B marketing has been mostly overlooked.

Wiley_LogoUntil now. Social media visionary Paul Gillin and strategic corporate communications consultant Eric Schwartzman have teamed up to present research, stories, and recommendations targeted exclusively at B2B companies. Social Marketing to the Business Customer presents a compelling case for using social media to revolutionize customer outreach, bringing companies in contact with their customers in unprecedented ways and creating dialogues that drive repeat business and reveal new revenue opportunities.

brogan"Finally, the book I was too lazy to write. Gillin and Schwartzman have broken open the code to how to approach B2B marketing with social media."

Chris Brogan, President Human Business Works and publisher at chrisbrogan.com


solis-by-hawk-500-300x200"Gillin and Schwartzman not only dispel the myths that social media are limited to B2C marketing, they demonstrate how business customers are redefining the boundaries for influence, decision making, and lead generation."
Brian Solis, author of Engage and BrianSolis.com

steve-rubel"Business-to-business marketing, like football, is a game of inches. It requires chipping away at a customer a bit at a time to build a relationship and close a sale. It requires patience, people and practice. Social media - in many ways - makes B2B marketing easier and measurable. However, it also makes it more challenging - requiring companies activate employees as thought leaders to build trust. Through rich case studies and stories from diverse industries, Gillin and Schwartzman demystify the process and show how it's done while offering a solid guide to the various technologies, tools and platforms.

Steve Rubel, SVP, Director of Insights, Edelman Digital and author of SteveRubel.com


weber"While most of the social media hoopla to date has been in the consumer space, social media will have an even larger impact on B2B companies seeking to build deep, long-term relationships with their customers. This book is extremely timely as a guide on how to do just that. If you’re in the B2B space and looking to grow your business, this is the book for you.

Larry Weber, Chairman, W2 Group and founder,Weber Shandwick Worldwide and W2 Group

David-Meerman-Scott1“In the old days, the B2B marketer's sole job was to generate leads and hand them over to salespeople to nurture and close. No longer. Buyers evaluate your offerings continually on the web and if you’re not engaging through social networks, your company is at a tremendous disadvantage. Paul and Eric show you how the most successful B2B companies reach buyers via social marketing. Pay attention and do what they say or cede your prospects to the competition.”
David Meerman Scott, bestselling author of The New Rules of Marketing & PR and the new hit Real-Time Marketing & PR

bernoff“Markeers who sell to business often miss one fundamental fact: business customers are people too, and they love to connect in social channels. Using social marketing to reach them is not just effective, it’s imperative. Paul and Eric’s book is filled with great examples, practical advice, and nuggets of insight – just what you need to remake your marketing plan for the era of social technology.”
lufkens"If your company is still blocking access to social networking sites or considering them as a 'productivity drain', think twice! For many B2B companies it is THE new way to engage with customers, communicate with suppliers and generate leads. A solid social media presence is the only way to open and humanize your business and master crisis communication. This books shows you with very practical examples that there is no good reason not to use social media."

Matthias Lüfkens, Social Media Architect, World Economic Forum

mark-story"If you want truly expert advice on selling the value of social media to the CFO of a B2B concern, stop everything and READ THIS BOOK."

Mark Story, New Media Director, U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission

beth-hat"Eric Schwartzman and Paul Gillin have written the definitive guide to social marketing to the Business Customer. There are many transferable insights that nonprofits can use."

Beth Kanter,Co-Author, The Networked Nonprofit

About the Book
B2B markets are fundamentally different from consumer markets. Decisions are made on value, not impulse. Buying cycles are complex, often with many stakeholders involved. Relationships and support are critical. Bet-the-business decisions demand discipline, knowledge, and lots of information.

This hands-on guide covers topics unique to this segment, including cost justification, prospecting and lead generation, matching tools to the sales funnel, building, B2B search engine optimization, social media monitoring, social media policy development, long-term client relationships, gaining stakeholder support, building a more transparent organization, and what's coming next.
  • Features plentiful examples, case studies, and best practices
  • Focuses on the channels that are most effective for B2B marketers
  • Builds on the authors' more than 30 years of combined experience in the new media/social media space, as well as two previous successful books
Leverage the vast business-to-business potential of Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and many other social media platforms today with Social Marketing to the Business Customer!


Table of Contents


How to Use This Book.


Part One: Setting the Table.

Chapter One The Changing Rules Of B2B Marketing.

Chapter Two Seven Ways You Can Use Social Media.

Chapter Three Winning Buy-In and Resources.

Chapter Four Creating a Social Organization.

Chapter Five Creating & Enforcing Social Media Policies.

Part Two: Tools and Tactics

Chapter Six Learning by Listening.

Chapter Seven Understanding Search.

Chapter Eight Choosing Platforms.

Chapter Nine A Non-Techie's Guide to Choosing Platforms.

Part Three: Going to Market.

Chapter Ten Social Platforms in Use.

Chapter Eleven Pick Your Spots: Planning Social Marketing Campaigns.

Chapter Twelve Lead Generation.

Chapter Thirteen Profiting From Communities.

Chapter Fourteen Return On Investment.

Chapter Fifteen What's Next For B2B Social Media?

Appendix A Elements of a Social Media Policy.


About the Authors.


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