3Tera adds Application Monitoring and Multi-CPU Scalability to AppLogic Utility Computing Platform for SaaS and Web 2.0 Customers

Aliso Viejo, Calif.—May 24, 2007—3Tera, Inc., the innovator of grid computing and utility computing services for online applications, announced today availability of release 2.0 of their award-winning AppLogic grid operating system—which adds comprehensive application monitoring and support for multiple CPUs per appliance. Release 2.0 presents SaaS and Web 2.0 providers with greater scalability, improved resource utilization, unprecedented visibility and control over application performance. AppLogic eliminates the need for co-location, private racks and managed services by enabling the assembly, deployment and management of infrastructure and applications using only a browser and basic IT skills. 

Vlad Miloushev, President and CEO, 3Tera, said, "While a lot of people are beginning to talk about cloud computing, we already have users in production. AppLogic 2.0 extends the limits of utility computing by providing unparalleled transparency and control of application operation. SaaS and Web 2.0 providers can leverage these capabilities to constantly monitor application performance, network response time, resource usage and many other critical variables from anywhere in the world—using only a browser.” 

Jeremy Suo-Antilla, CTO, Layered Technologies, added, "3Tera's latest version of AppLogic introduces an even greater level of application control for our virtual private datacenter clients. We're pleased that AppLogic is evolving in ways that increasingly enable SaaS and Web 2.0 providers to grow and self manage their virtual datacenter environments, allowing for quicker turnaround of ideas into viable products and better utilization of their datacenter infrastructure to meet their personal or business needs."

Albert Wu, CTO, SilkFair—which is already using AppLogic—commented, "3Tera is setting the direction for utility computing. AppLogic has already proven invaluable to our business when it enabled us to migrate to a new datacenter with a single command. We're excited to start working with AppLogic 2.0 as soon as possible, since it greatly enhances manageability of grid applications and paves the way for further scalability. The point-and-click assembly of custom monitoring dashboards with a view into each individual component will be extremely helpful—not only in operation, but also in development and testing. The SMP support within virtual appliances, especially for scaling MySQL, will greatly enhance the performance and reduce complexity."

"AppLogic has really impressed me. The way the system works has helped us move our roll-out plans forward," said Mark Morgan, VP and Systems Architect, Silvertip Laboratories Inc.—a stealth mode startup in enterprise software solutions for vertical markets. "We'll definitely be testing the 2.0 release. The addition of SMP support for virtual appliances, in particular—along with the excellent monitoring abilities—will allow us to scale and track performance without the usual over-provisioning and related costs. Moving our customers to production in a matter of hours, instead of the weeks or months that is typical in our market, will be a huge competitive advantage for us."

Pricing and Availability

"Utility computing is quickly becoming a popular way to run new online services; we’re seeing significant interest in AppLogic 2.0 from both new and existing customers,” said Bert Armijo, VP of Product Management, 3Tera. "In order to provide the best possible support, we're opening the first phase of our 2.0 Beta program to only fifty qualified users, who'll receive a special promotional rate for the duration of the program," 

Starting today customers can sign up for the limited AppLogic 2.0 Beta program at http://www.3tera.com/applogic20beta.html. The first fifty users will get a Virtual Private Datacenter with 8 CPUs, 16GB RAM, 6TB Storage (before mirroring) and 8TB of monthly transfer at 3tera’s partner The GridLayer (www.thegridlayer.com) for only $1249/month, a 50% discount off the regular price.

New Features in AppLogic 2.0
  • Application Monitoring provides unprecedented visibility into the operation and performance of customer applications. Every element of the application can be monitored simply by adding counters to a custom dashboard using the new monitoring GUI. Hundreds of variables are available as visual graphs that display the values of selected counters within the appliances.
  • Multi-CPU support allows running SMP virtual appliances for processor-intensive software components like databases or JVMs. Each appliance can now have as little as 1% of a CPU and as much as 4 CPUs—a 400X range of resource utilization, allowing users to finely tune their application performance.
  • Pre-packaged clustered LAMP stack infrastructure helps new users get a quick start. By simply adding the application code they can have a 
    full-featured, scalable online application, complete with monitoring that can be scaled in production from a single CPU to more than 32 without modification.
  • GUI enhancements include a web shell for accessing both virtual appliance and grid controller command line interfaces as well as balloon connections for easier infrastructure editing
  • A complete list of new features is available at http://www.3tera.com/applogic20.html.
3Tera, Inc. is an innovator of grid and utility computing, simplifying the deployment and scaling of Web applications. Named a 2007 Category Breaker by NetworkWorld magazine, 3Tera’s AppLogic grid operating system enables hosting providers to offer the first true utility computing services that completely remove the cost and complexity associated with infrastructure. The operating system converts hosted commodity servers into scalable grids on which users can visually operate deploy and scale transactional Web applications without any modification of code. Software-as-a-Service providers, Web 2.0 companies, enterprises and open source developers can now get new online services quickly to market by utilizing resources from commodity hosting providers on a pay-as-you-go basis, while maintaining complete control of applications including visual operation, scaling and on-demand resource provisioning. 

3Tera is a privately-held company headquartered in Aliso Viejo, California with R&D facilities in Silicon Valley, Israel and Eastern Europe. For more information about 3Tera and its solutions, please visit the company’s Web site at http://www.3tera.com.