2020 Media Monitoring Buyer's Guide

2020 State of Media Monitoring Report

Traditional & Social Media Monitoring Platforms

  • Beyond AI hype; state of sentiment analysis 
  • Overcoming media monitoring challenge
  • Features comparison grid
  • How to monitor the business impact of PR
  • Getting strategic intelligence from media monitoring
  • And much, much more

2020 Media Monitoring Buyer's Guide

Facts, insights and analysis for traditional & social media monitoring buyers.

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Inside the 2020 Media Monitoring Guide

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Traditional & Social Media Monitoring Model

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Media monitoring services began helping clients by finding news clippings of articles they were mentioned in.

But with the transition to digital and network distribution, news and social media monitoring have become an opportunity to gather business intelligence.

Combining these external sources with your own internal data, and filtering it against your own Boolean keyword corpus first, AI second and human analysis third results in true strategic intelligence.

To save you time and help you better understand the features and services out there, download this comprehensive 2020 Media Monitoring Buyer’s Guide, which is by far the most in-depth, analysis on the state of news media monitoring.

From the client’s perspective, one of the biggest challenges when considering switching to a new media monitoring service is training staff to learn to use it and integrating it into your PR tech stack. Use this handy guide to make the right choice.

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