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July 1999 Response TV - CEG Mixes Things Up for Black & Decker with Blender Infomercial
Featured prominently on an episode of Friends and now featured in its own infomercial, the Black & Decker PartyMate Drinkmaker-a colorful, cordless blender-is running on its second wind after hitting the retail shelves last summer...
March 1999 Response TV - CEG Launches Celebrity-Driven Direct Response PSA Campaign
In the world of film and television you're always told not to work with animals or children. So it was nothing short of a miracle for the team of Dan Loewenthal, Linda York and Francine Bergman of Los Angeles-based Creative Entertainment Group (CEG) to take on not only animals and children, but also work with a number of entertainment and sports personalities...
Jan. 1999 Response TV - CEG Launches Celebrity-Driven Direct Response PSA Campaign
If you build it with hot water and bubbles, they will come. This could be the new slogan for the hot tub and spa industry...
Press Releases
June 22, 1999 Creative Entertainment Group Works Digital Optical Into L.A. Post-Production Facility
Los Angeles, Calif. (June 22, 1999)- Creative Entertainment Group, the home of the independent filmmaker for complete post-production finishing, has joined forces with Digital Opticals, Inc., a start-up that uses the latest advances in computer technology to create film opticals and visual effects... READ MORE

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